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Corporate Merchandise

Our company was built on merchandise and continues to supply some of the world’s largest brands. Many promotional companies brag on how many items they have to offer their customers, Excello prides ourselves on finding the right items for our customers.

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Global Procurement

Excello Marketing’s global team has developed partnerships with key factories around the world. Sourcing from multiple counties and provinces means Excello Marketing has created direct relationships with factories to then allow us to bring new and innovative products straight to market, amidst a highly-competitive pricing environment.

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Print Shop

We have more than 20 years of combined experience providing customers with top-quality printing and unmatched superior installation.

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Graphic Design

To complete our full-service experience, Excello Marketing has an in-house design studio capable of bringing new concepts to life. From basic logo design up to grocery or merchant displays, our team of designers can bring your brand to life.

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Custom Fulfillment & Logistics

When it comes time to pull multiple products together for a specified delivery schedule, our specialty fulfillment division is unparalleled.

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Partner Brands

Excello Marketing is lucky to represent some of the best brands in the industry and the world. If there is a specific brand you are looking for, Excello can find you what you’re looking for. Beyond our ability to source brands, we are proud to directly represent a few.

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